American Legion Post 250


Commander's Corner

Dear Legion Family


I’m addressing the membership to try and get a hold on all the rumors and conspiracy

theories going on at the Post.


Our newly elected commander Mr. Jerry Melton has resigned. Please ask for reasons 

from Jerry not fellow members. I will try to go thru process as it happened (1) Nominating 

committee formed first regular called meeting of March. (2) Nominations closed first 

regular meeting of April (3) Elections took place first regular meeting of May. 

(4) Swearing in of officers performed at first meeting of June. (5) New officers take office

at first regular meeting of July.


What has happened, Jerry had taken process in items 1-3 but resigned before item 4

was completed. Therefore a special election is to be held with the nominating committee

starting the process in July. If Jerry would have withdrew before the closing of election

the other nominee would have been selected as commander. If Jerry would have 

sworn in the first vice would be acting commander.


Since this did not happen I am to remain acting until special election can be accomplished

per Article IV section 4 of Post 250 bylaws.


As always any member requesting a copy of bylaws only need to see our secretary for a

copy. Secretary office hours are 0900-1300 Monday- Friday.


Events happening at Post for July are our normal food nights, bingo on Thurs. and 

poker on Tues with exception of 3rd Tuesday of each month. Pitch IN dinner June 

30 with band that evening,(see flyer elsewhere in newsletter for activities) SAL Golf 

tournament July 7, ALA flea market July 21 and ALR ride July 21.



Gary Mesarosh































































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Past Commanders of Cecil C. Martin Post 250



*Irving Horton – 1920

*Payot O. Scheibe –1921 –35 –42

*George L. Gibbons –1921

*William H. Harrison, Sr. –1922 –23

*Carl Chastain –1924

*Fred Scheibe –1925

*Roy E. Dalton –1926

*George M. Foist –1927 –28 –29

*Ralph R. Burton –1930

*Clyde W. Smith –1931-32-33

*Floyd E. Tindall –1934

*Quincy Huff –1936

*John L.Scheibe –1937

*Lester Lowery –1939

*Ernest L. Root –1940

*J.R. Hamilton MD –1941-42

*Francis X. Newman –44-1945

*Claude Reynolds –45-46

*Robert Colker –1946 –47

* Donald McNeely 1947-48

*Gilbert E. Sheeks  --1948-49-50

 William H. Harrison, Jr.–1950 –51 –52

*Charles R. Jones –1952 –53

*Howard Mann  --1953 –54

*Rodney Gardner –1954-55

*Fred Hilgeman –1955-56

*Wayne Hatfield -1956-57

*Richard Kindred -1957-58

  Frank Braman –1958—59—60

*Wallace Burton –1960-61

* Frank Raymond—1961-62

*James Colglazier –1962-63-64

*Phil Cornwell –1964-65

*Robert Connell –1965-66

*Ernest Elliott –1966-67

*William H. Brown –1967-68—73—74

  Joe Goldsby –1968-69

*Kim Bartlett –1969-70

  John Johnson –1970-71

*Harry Mathews –1971-72

*Wilson “Adam” Hunsucker –1972 -73

  John Peterson –1974-75

 * Lee Brown –1975-76

*Charles Hedrick –1976—77

*Ben Robinson –1977-78-79—85-86-87-97-98-99

*Jim Workman –1979-80-81

 Gerald Williams –1981-82

*John David Phillips 1982-83

 James Gentry –1983-84

 Eddie Mann –1984-85

 William Kramer –1987—88

*Fred Hoeltke –1988-89

*Jim Robertson –1989-90

 Charles Lancaster –1990-91-92

 Don Drake –1992-93-94

 Billy Jack Lashlee –1994-95-96-97

 Lee Hupp –1999-2000- 01-2004-05-2005-06-2009-10/2010-11/20011-12

 Randy Beeler – 2001 –02—03—04

 *Harold Robbins 2006—07—08—09

 Robert Williams 2012-13/2013-14/2014-15