American Legion Post 250


Commander's Corner

Greetings Legion Family,

Well we are finally getting some nice rain with only another week left in August. It’s 

probably too late to help the corn but it will be good for the beans and pastures.

We are closing August on a good note. The road block raised $1312.40 for Clothe-a-Child

The City of Mitchell and the Living Well donated us one of the old city buses to use for

 our honor guard (seems to be in really good shape). All bills have been paid and we

didn’t have to use the line of credit to help us get through the summer. The mortgage 

total as of now is $96,666.00 we are starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel.

Sept is one of our busiest months as we are getting ready for the festival. As usual we are 

sending out tickets for the $1000.00 drawing and will be serving brats Tuesday thru 

Saturday the week of the festival. There will be no other food nights that week. We will 

be having two bands (Ugly Early and Hammer Down) starting at 8:30 pm to 1 AM 

Saturday 28th $5 cover charge. We will also be having BINGO that Thursday.

SAL will be hosting a Golf Scramble Sunday, September 15th at Hidden Hills, 4 man 

teams $50 per player with prizes and meal.

We will be starting a Treasure Hunt Game open to the public (stay tuned for details) first

draw will be October 4th or 11TH and then every Friday after at 9 PM.

We are developing a team to look at our bylaws and hopefully have something to present

to membership by the next meeting. Then we will vote on changes in October meeting.

Hope to see everyone during the festival.




Gary Mesarosh























































































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Past Commanders of Cecil C. Martin Post 250



*Irving Horton – 1920

*Payot O. Scheibe –1921 –35 –42

*George L. Gibbons –1921

*William H. Harrison, Sr. –1922 –23

*Carl Chastain –1924

*Fred Scheibe –1925

*Roy E. Dalton –1926

*George M. Foist –1927 –28 –29

*Ralph R. Burton –1930

*Clyde W. Smith –1931-32-33

*Floyd E. Tindall –1934

*Quincy Huff –1936

*John L.Scheibe –1937

*Lester Lowery –1939

*Ernest L. Root –1940

*J.R. Hamilton MD –1941-42

*Francis X. Newman –44-1945

*Claude Reynolds –45-46

*Robert Colker –1946 –47

* Donald McNeely 1947-48

*Gilbert E. Sheeks  --1948-49-50

 William H. Harrison, Jr.–1950 –51 –52

*Charles R. Jones –1952 –53

*Howard Mann  --1953 –54

*Rodney Gardner –1954-55

*Fred Hilgeman –1955-56

*Wayne Hatfield -1956-57

*Richard Kindred -1957-58

  Frank Braman –1958—59—60

*Wallace Burton –1960-61

* Frank Raymond—1961-62

*James Colglazier –1962-63-64

*Phil Cornwell –1964-65

*Robert Connell –1965-66

*Ernest Elliott –1966-67

*William H. Brown –1967-68—73—74

  Joe Goldsby –1968-69

*Kim Bartlett –1969-70

  John Johnson –1970-71

*Harry Mathews –1971-72

*Wilson “Adam” Hunsucker –1972 -73

  John Peterson –1974-75

 * Lee Brown –1975-76

*Charles Hedrick –1976—77

*Ben Robinson –1977-78-79—85-86-87-97-98-99

*Jim Workman –1979-80-81

 Gerald Williams –1981-82

*John David Phillips 1982-83

 James Gentry –1983-84

 Eddie Mann –1984-85

 William Kramer –1987—88

*Fred Hoeltke –1988-89

*Jim Robertson –1989-90

 Charles Lancaster –1990-91-92

 Don Drake –1992-93-94

 Billy Jack Lashlee –1994-95-96-97

 Lee Hupp –1999-2000- 01-2004-05-2005-06-2009-10/2010-11/20011-12

 Randy Beeler – 2001 –02—03—04

 *Harold Robbins 2006—07—08—09

 Robert Williams 2012-13/2013-14/2014-15