American Legion Post 250


Commander's Corner

Greetings Legion Family             

Its Monday, the day after Fathers Day and looking like rain.

We had a great Saturday as we held a car show with more than 50 cars showing up.    

We raised right at $1500 for Clothe-a-Child. Special thanks to R.P. Jones who organized 

the event and to all those who helped put it on. Hopefully we can do this event again.

The bar is open and everything should be back to normal July 4th with the exception 

that we will not be open on Sundays during the summer.

There will be NO Fish or Steak nights in July due to the increase in prices, steaks having

 gone up $4 a pound. Chicken night will be Friday the 3rd for July and Cube Steaks 

July 17. Food available on Thursday evening with Beef Manhattans on the 2nd Thursday ,

 July 9th,

I want to thank the following people who helped with our special food nights the past 

month. Without them we would have really struggled to pay bills; Charlie Webster, Terry 

Bacon, Brad Pinnick, Jerry and Mary Lou Melton and family Bob Williams and Bill 

Hargesheimer and the bartenders for taco night.

The treasure hunt should be reopening around the 8th and we will be doing our 

Wednesday night drawings starting the 8th of July.

Bad News is there will be no Persimmon Festival this year. We will however still be

sending out tickets for the $1000 membership drawing.


Gary Mesarosh






















































































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Past Commanders of Cecil C. Martin Post 250



*Irving Horton – 1920

*Payot O. Scheibe –1921 –35 –42

*George L. Gibbons –1921

*William H. Harrison, Sr. –1922 –23

*Carl Chastain –1924

*Fred Scheibe –1925

*Roy E. Dalton –1926

*George M. Foist –1927 –28 –29

*Ralph R. Burton –1930

*Clyde W. Smith –1931-32-33

*Floyd E. Tindall –1934

*Quincy Huff –1936

*John L.Scheibe –1937

*Lester Lowery –1939

*Ernest L. Root –1940

*J.R. Hamilton MD –1941-42

*Francis X. Newman –44-1945

*Claude Reynolds –45-46

*Robert Colker –1946 –47

* Donald McNeely 1947-48

*Gilbert E. Sheeks  --1948-49-50

 William H. Harrison, Jr.–1950 –51 –52

*Charles R. Jones –1952 –53

*Howard Mann  --1953 –54

*Rodney Gardner –1954-55

*Fred Hilgeman –1955-56

*Wayne Hatfield -1956-57

*Richard Kindred -1957-58

  Frank Braman –1958—59—60

*Wallace Burton –1960-61

* Frank Raymond—1961-62

*James Colglazier –1962-63-64

*Phil Cornwell –1964-65

*Robert Connell –1965-66

*Ernest Elliott –1966-67

*William H. Brown –1967-68—73—74

  Joe Goldsby –1968-69

*Kim Bartlett –1969-70

  John Johnson –1970-71

*Harry Mathews –1971-72

*Wilson “Adam” Hunsucker –1972 -73

  John Peterson –1974-75

 * Lee Brown –1975-76

*Charles Hedrick –1976—77

*Ben Robinson –1977-78-79—85-86-87-97-98-99

*Jim Workman –1979-80-81

 Gerald Williams –1981-82

*John David Phillips 1982-83

 James Gentry –1983-84

 Eddie Mann –1984-85

 William Kramer –1987—88

*Fred Hoeltke –1988-89

*Jim Robertson –1989-90

 Charles Lancaster –1990-91-92

 Don Drake –1992-93-94

 Billy Jack Lashlee –1994-95-96-97

 Lee Hupp –1999-2000- 01-2004-05-2005-06-2009-10/2010-11/20011-12

 Randy Beeler – 2001 –02—03—04

 *Harold Robbins 2006—07—08—09

 Robert Williams 2012-13/2013-14/2014-15